Monday, June 29, 2009

FAQ: Can I Contribute To Patently False News?

Can I Submit Ideas To Patently False News?

Yes. Email ideas to codetojoy at

Why Should I Submit Ideas?

We could offer you an Amazon gift-card, or a t-shirt, or cash. But being a Twitter-centric phenomenon, our currency is vanity.

Starting in July 2009, if you submit a successful idea, Patently False will follow you on Twitter for one week. (Previously, PF only followed TechCrunch and The Onion).

Because of this exclusivity, readers will know immediately who has made a contribution to Patently False. This, in turn, will give you greater exposure in the Twitterverse. A win-win all around! Narcissism FTW!

Why Haven't You Used My Idea?

The most likely answer: it sucks. Or it isn't quite prime time. For every tweet, there are dozens that don't make the cut.

Here are some tips to improve your chances:
  • Rather than writing a vague idea, try to write a true headline, using the style conventions as used on the feed. (It's harder than it seems, but not excessively hard.)
  • Read your new headline out-loud: does it make you laugh? If not, refine the idea.
  • Aim for the sweet-spot of cynicism that is funny, but not egregiously offensive.
  • Brevity rocks: the most successful headlines are tiny, compared to Twitter's 140 characters.
  • On subject matter, the idea is to find the intersection between absurdity and tech/computer science. It is true that PF News occasionally sways into mainstream, but only rarely. A mainstream idea will have to be golden.
Note: Ideas do not necessarily need to be in headline form! The above items are guidelines. A brilliant idea can work even if vague.

A Final Note

PF News reserves the right to modify the idea for style and humor. You will still get credit, if the essence of the idea was used.

Patently False News is grateful for all submissions! Have fun, and start creating today....

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